Its’ not just Nursing Home Hand Sanitiser we care about!

The nursing home crisis that we all heard of in the last few months was in our opinion greatly reduced  or in some cases avoided, due to the professionalism and dedication of the management and staff.  With personal experience of a parent that needs 24 hour care I understand how challenging this task must have been.

The safe environment inside many care homes, create by the isolation of staff and those staying did a great thing in avoiding a catastrophe in the sector. The use of isolation combined with all ppe when it could be secured meant that those staying were kept safe in many occasions. However, simply trying to order nursing home hand sanitiser was impossible.

This is one of the factors that drove us to create a become a medical ppe supplier UK to help reduce the stress of supply of medical PPE to those that needed it. We had been planning this business from early 2019 , researching product supplies, forming digital marketing strategies, developing operational plans and creating pricing structures We had defined our markets and were ready to launch in Jan 2020 but the world changed and so did all our plans.

Today as we once agin prepare for Launch in December 2020 ( hopefully) we have tighter or focus to supplying only products that are required in this covid world to keep professional and workers safe during work and also  those they attend to work and serve not forgetting this at home, family and friends. It all started with a search for nursing home hand sanitiser

One makes we are aiming to provide a one stop shop for is Nursing Homes medical ppe we know that they are always on hand and we wish to make it easier and reduce costs of the products they require. We have looked at our supply chain and for two reasons have seen a route to save us money and do what we can for the environment by arranging that when you order it will be sent directly from our manufacturing partners. This reduces the cost of handling the products twice, shipping twice and packaging twice, and rediuces the miles travelled as we will send it straight to you.

An example

Our Competitors

nursing home hand sanitiser

What we have seen is a method to keep the costs down and create a process with much less handling and transport.  This means that as our client you will get we believe to be the best is service and price.

As you can see from the process diagram below the steps from product to you are significantly reduced and we pass the saving on to you.

GBMedsupplies Process

nursing home hand sanitiser

We intend to suppling a range of product that cater for the nursing home and care home market the list below is not comprehensive but it will give you an idea of how the business will shape itself. We also have researched and have test certificates for all our products. As can be read here not all products are safe  Hand Sanitiser found to be causing issues. 

Nursing Home Hand Sanitiser – Code GBMHS/

Nursing Home Disposable range – Code GBMDS/

Nursing Home Kits – Code GMBKS/

Nursing Home First Aid Kits – GBMFA/

The Nursing Kits are a package we will design for each of our clients with a unique product code for them. This means by ordering one code the complete needs of several product lines can be met. We believe that that by simplifying the process we can again reduce costs in the purchasing process. Less time browsing less time spent on admin and more time spent adding value where its needed most.

Kits will include but are not limited too

  • Nursing Home Hand Sanitiser
  • Nursing Home Disposable Apron
  • Nursing Home Disposable Glove
  • Nursing Home Face Masks
  • Nursing Home Visors
  • Nursing home Wipes

All of these products can be viewed in the SHOP