Personal PPE Kit

The world we live in has changed in the last 7 months and we all have went through the ups and owns of a change to our personal and business lives. Disposable face masks, hand sanitiser, social distancing; everyday words and actions that we think will be here for a long time to come. With that in mind we are launching a series products that are designed to keep business and individuals safe. We are calling these products a Personal PPE Kit and we are going to offering these in a box of six or a box of 100. The aim is to solve the problem for SME’s of having to purchase more than they need and for homes to ensure that their is always PPE on hand

The Kits  will each contain

Personal PPE Kit

  1. 3 x 3ply disposable face masks
  2. 3 pairs of disposable gloves Vinyl
  3. 3 100ml bottles of hand sanitiser
  4. 3 packs of antiseptic wipes

The PPE kits will be assembled to order and can by request be changed to suit your needs, we will need a short time to compile the new kits if a change to the standard kit is required. Lead time for  the standard kits is 3 days after order, like all our product range shipping is completely free and for now no VAT will be applied

To find out more about these kits please Contact Us We will be happy to discuss personalised kits with a mix of products to suit your business needs. We also can supply all Medical PPE to include Hand sanitisers in a range of sizes, a full range of re usable and disposable face masks and a range of disposable gloves.


We are opening for business very soon and offering introductory discounts for December deliveries

A Range of Personal PPE Kit and other Medical PPE